Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition Therapy is a holistic approach empowering our clients to take control of their health and begin thriving, rather than just surviving. In recognizing the healing power of the foods we choose to eat AND avoid, Nutrition Therapy evaluates a client's current health, diet, and lifestyle choices and provides healthy modifications and supplement recommendations that will begin to repair and restore their body. Numerous studies exist documenting the direct correlation between the “Standard American Diet” (SAD) and a plethora of disease. Sadly, many people are unaware of the power of healing healthy nutrition can bring to the human body. ADHD, anxiety, cancer, depression, lack of energy, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, forgetfulness, lack of mental clarity, and insomnia have all been proven to positively respond to Nutrition Therapy.


New clients begin with an initial intake appointment (1.5 hours) and a follow-up appointment (50 mins). The intake appointment is a time for our Nutrition Therapist to get to know the client and gather all relative health and nutrition information.

At the end of the initial intake appointment a follow-up appointment is scheduled to discuss an individualized nutrition plan, tailored to the client’s specific health concerns and goals. Ongoing sessions are then scheduled as decided upon by the client and therapist. We offer our clients non-biased, scientific-based nutrition education and support as they learn to listen to their body.

Sessions can take place in the office, over the phone or on Skype.


Intake Session and Follow-Up: 1.5 hour intake, 50 minute follow-up ($100 total)
Ongoing Sessions: 45 minutes ($45 per)


Contact our office to schedule and appointment.

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Supplementation is critical piece of the nutrition therapy equation. The quality of the supplements is paramount. For this reason, we chose to partner with Nature’s Sunshine products due to their high commitment to quality, fairly priced products, and a balanced approach to natural healing for over 35 years.

Many other quality companies exist, however, to ensure the supplements we suggest are produced at the right potency and purity we have focused on learning nature’s sunshine products.

If you choose to join Natures Sunshine you will be able to tap into an array of nutrition for 20-30% cheaper than the local health food stores. An initial $40 order gets you a free year long membership. No minimum ordered is required to maintain your membership. Every month that you order over $100 you’ll get a 10% rebate at the end of the month.

You must have a sponsor’s number to sign up; you may use any family member or friend’s sponsorship number, or ours if you don’t have one: Sadie Robinson — 3614744

Orders can be placed by calling Natures Sunshine at 1-800-453-1422 or online at


GRCS accepts payment for the Nutrition Therapy program in the form of cash, credit card, health savings/flex spending accounts and partnered employee assistance programs.


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