To varying degrees all groups introduce and explore the following concepts utilizing a combination of skills and process based interventions: theories of addictive behavior, relapse prevention, recovery concepts, coping strategies, and decision making.


Substance Abuse Group
Anger Management | Assaultive Behaviors Group
Domestic Violence | Alternative To Violence Group
Relapse Prevention Group


Maximum of 12 participants per class. All reports will be submitted no more than 10 business days after appointment. Reports may be expedited upon request for an additional fee: 24 hours ($50), 48 hours ($25)

Substance Abuse Group
Anger Management Group

Sessions Per Group: 4 (meets weekly)
Session Length: 1.5 hours
Cost: $60 ($240 total)

Domestic Violence | Alternative To Violence Group

Sessions Per Group: 26 (meets weekly)
Session Length: 1.25 hours
Cost: $25 ($650 total)

Requires 1 hour intake session prior to joining group. Open enrollment allows new participants to enter each month.

Relapse Prevention Group

Sessions Per Group: 1 (meets monthly)
Session Length: 1 hour
Cost: $25

Ongoing group. Open enrollment allows participants to enter and exit each month.


Reference the GRCS Calendar for group dates and times. Contact our office to inquire about availability and scheduling.

Classes and groups in the GRCS continuum of services satisfy State of Michigan requirements for court mandated counseling and education.

SA 0410390 | PA 309


GRCS accepts payment in the form of cash, credit card (add 4%), cashier's checks, and money orders.