Childhood Sexual Trauma

Childhood Sexual Trauma

Childhood sexual abuse is more common than most realize. About 1 in 10 children will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. Children who are sexually abused are at significantly greater risk for later post-traumatic stress and other anxiety symptoms depression and suicide attempts. While childhood sexual abuse is defined as a sexual act between adult and child, the means by which this occurs varies. Sexual abuse can happen through exploiting, exposing, and suggesting sexual activity to a child. This can have significant, negative impacts on a child psychologically. Trauma can often cause anxiety and depression, regression (e.g., bed wetting), or changes in mood and academic performance.

Childhood Sexual Trauma can often leave children at an increased risk for depression, self-blame, eating disorders, anxiety, and relationship problems.

Screening Questions

Are you noticing behavior changes in your child (aggression, non-compliance, opposition)?
Is your child showing signs of regression or isolation?
Does your child appear to be more fearful or anxious?
Is your child complaining of more physical symptoms than before?
Are you noticing change in sleeping or eating patterns?


Through the use of the cognitive behavior therapy, relationship building, and empowerment techniques in individual therapy, one can expect to see improvements in their relationships, self-esteem, and learn to not be afraid of the memories anymore. Therapy will allow for negative thoughts or distortions to be challenged, and the child can begin to experience healing and discover feelings of trust.

Treatment Objectives

- Develop sense of safety
- Increase positive self-talk and self-esteem
- Address emotions
- Establishing healthy boundaries and trust
- Process abuse and impacts on oneself


Cost: $125


If you answered yes to any of the screening questions or feel you may be experiencing the impacts of sexual trauma, please contact our office to inquire about this program or schedule an appointment.



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Healing The Harm Done: A Parent's Guide to Helping Your Child Overcome the Effects of Sexual Abuse
by Jennifer Y. Levy-Peck Ph.D.


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